Monday, 18 July 2016

Union Membership and Esso Australia Pty Ltd v Australian Workers' Union [2016] FCAFC 72

Australian Workers Union (AWU)

Read the full text of the court's judgment here: Esso Australia Pty Ltd v Australian Workers' Union [2016] FCAFC 72; BC201603927.

Union Membership

It is a sad reality today that Australian workers continue to loose faith in a union movement built for their their protection and promotion of workers rights in workplaces throughout Australia.
Union membership today has almost become a dirty word amongst the working class and for these reasons organisations such as Workers First have sought to re-invent the manner and mode in which workers can access workplace justice in lieu of union membership. | 07 3807 3807 |

The Federal Court of Australia Full Court (FCAFC) has dismissed the appeals of Esso Australia Pty Ltd and The Australian Workers' Union (AWU), finding that the FCA was mostly correct in declaring that The Australian Workers' Union contravened provisions of Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) in particular respects. However, the FCAFC has set aside the FCA's declaration that the AWU contravened s 421(1) by contravening cl 5.1(a) of and Fair Work Commission's s 418 order, finding that breach of cl 5.1(a was not established.
If you would like to learn more about the decline of union membership in Australia, we recommend researching the topic through the Australian Bureau of Statistics and to find out more about Workers First membership, call 07 3807 3807 or visit
Union membership may be declining in Australia, but the increasing numbers of Workers First membership amongst workers, tell us we have got the union membership problem in hand with a real and meaningful alternative to traditional Union membership.

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